Australia’s Top Racewalkers to be on show in Canberra




Australia’s Olympic Racewalkers, including dual Olympic medallist , Jared Tallent will be competing at the 43rd Lake Burley Griffin Racewalking Carnival being held in Canberra on Sunday 7th June.

Other top racewalkers entered for the Carnival include, Chris Erickson, Kellie Wapshott, Adam Rutter, Claire Tallent and Luke Adams. There is also a possibility that four racewalkers from South Korea will arrive in time for the event.

Other walkers expected to be in action include 2009 IAAF Racewalking Cup reps, Jess Rothwell and Cheryl Webb. This is the official fitness test for the IAAF World Champs walkers  (Chris Erickson, Jared Tallent, Adam Rutter, Luke Adams, Claire Tallent, Cheryl Webb and Jess Rothwell). Very shortly after this carnival, they will head off to Europe to start their overseas campaign

Jarred Tallent will be aiming to win the 20 mile race for the third time in a row, along with his wife, Claire who won the Womens 10 mile event last year.  Both competed at Beijing before getting married shorlty after the Olympics.

There are over 294 walkers entered in this year’s Carnival. This is a substantial increase in last year’s field and is believed to be a record for the Event.  


When: 7 June 2009  

Where: The venue for all events is Weston Park Road (Banks Street), Weston Park, YARRALUMLA. Canberra Yellow Pages Map 58 H8. (GPS S35.297258, E149.093037).  All events         have   a common start / finish line.  

Time: The 20 and 10 mile events start at 8.00 am . The 5 mile event starts at 9.00am. The other events including age group races start from 10.30 am  

Information: The 10 & 20 miles events will be conducted on the recreational path (apart from a short distance on the road near the start/finish) around the western basin of Lake Burley Griffin. Both events will start in Weston Park and proceed in a clockwise direction. Competitors in the 20 miles will turn at the 10 miles mark and proceed back to the start / finish line in an anti-clockwise direction.

A 1.25k circuit will be used for the 10k (8 laps) & 5k (4 laps) events; the 3k, 2k & 1k events will be held on a 1k circuit. These courses are located on the main road (Weston Park Road) within Weston Park and will be closed to traffic.

The 5 miles Fitness Walk is conducted on the lake course with the turn around point on Scrivener Dam.


1.  Open 20 miles                                            8.00am           137 mins (max. 163 mins) Time limit 5 hours.

2.  Fitness 20 miles                                           8.00am           Non Handicap/Judged for contact only

3.  AACT W&M 30,000 metres Chp                8.00am          Non Handicap event

4.  Open Womens 10 miles                               8.00am          74 mins

(Includes RWA individual Veteran Womens 10  miles)

5.  Open Mens 10 miles                                    8.00am          Non Handicap/Non Team Event                                       (Includes RWA individual Veteran Mens 10 miles)

6.  Fitness 10 miles                                            8.00am          Non Handicap/Judged for contact only

7.  Fitness 5 miles                                              9.00am          Non Handicap/Judged for contact only

8. Mens U20 10,000 metres                            10.30pm          42 mins

9. AACT Mens U20 10,000 metres Chp        10.30pm          Non Handicap Event

10. Open (over 20 years) 10,000 metres         10.30pm          Non Handicap Event

11.  Boys U10 1,000 metres                           11.40am          4 mins 30 Secs

12.  Girls U10 1,000 metres                            11.40am          4 mins 30 Secs

13. Boys U12 2,000 metres                            11.50am          9 mins 20 Secs

14. Girls U12 2,000 metres                             11.50am          9 mins 20 Secs

15. Boys U14 2,000 metres                            12.10am          9 mins 20 Secs

16. Girls U14 2,000 metres                             12.30am          9 mins 20 Secs

17. Boys U16 3,000 metres                            12.50am          13 mins

18. Girls U16 3,000 metres                             1.15pm           13 mins

19. Boys U18 5,000 metres                            1.40pm           22 mins

20. Girls U18 5,000 metres                             1.40pm           23 mins

21. Womens 5,000 metres                                2.20pm           21 mins

Members of the media are cordially invited to attend at the Start / Finish area throughout the day to get information, results, photographs and any footage. They are also invited to get footage of the walkers on the Western Basin Course in the morning. Other points of interest

  • 43rd year of the event
  • Largest field in the Carnival’s history.  294 are entered from all over Australia.
  • Spectators are more than welcome to witness the fine racewalking action on the day with car parking and canteen facilities available.
  • Local racewalking stalwart, Robin Whyte has competed at every Carnival and will be competing again at this year’s event
  • Top Canberra Juniors, Brendan and Michael Reading will be competing in the Carnival and are expected to do well.
  • Saturday 6th June will see the holding of the annual Peter Waddell Memorial 5km walk.  The walk, a non race walk  event, will start at 2.30pm on SATURDAY 6 June 2009, from the LBG race venue in Weston Park.  There will be no formal functions associated with this event, ie times, awards etc. Walkers however will be asked to place their name on a register of participation.  All members of the walking fraternity are encouraged to participate in this event. Afternoon tea will be provided. Participants are asked to make a donation to the ACT Division of the Cancer Council of Australia with monies raised going to the International Brain Tumour Alliance.

For further enquiries please contact: Phil Essam on 0425347025 Lachlan Wilkinson on 0421 603 721 (Raceday)
Phil Essam 31 May 09


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