Walking in winter

I started to rug up a bit more this morning when I was walking around Lake G.  Thought it might be useful to look for an article ablout walking in the cold.  Here it is.


Walkers on the Walklist email group tell about what they like about cold weather walking:

“I love to breathe in the fresh air, when I’m working up a sweat.” Emily, Michigan

“I generally find the cold air very invigorating. I seem to feel a little more “alive” when I finish the walk. Maybe it’s the “beating your head against a wall” syndrome – it feel so good when you stop.” Bill, Ottawa, Canada “Walk in the cold and you breathe better, suffer less from allergies and generally whip up an appetite that just wait to be relieved. Another plus is that the fatigue factor is reduced although the caloric usage is probably the same.” Bill, Florida

“It is beautiful when there is snow in the forest.”

“In winter I like to see the beauty of nature, the fresh fallen snow. I can still (at age 50+) get out in the snow and cold weather and walk around like I did when I was a kid.” Sandi, Ohio

“The best part of winter walking is the lack of insects followed closely by how clean and clear the air. My dog likes it because she gets to ride in the stroller and avoid the salt in her pads on city walks. (She was the Westie in the stroller at the convention in Winston-Salem).” Bill

“I like seeing Christmas decorations, and warming up afterwards with hot cocoa. My favorite winter walk varies with each walk, as each trail I take is my favorite that day. ” Ruth, Maryland

“What I like best, is that cold weather is no excuse for staying inside. Walking actually warms us up! I remember one New Years Day when I was determined to do a volkswalk year round event. It was icy out and I walked a trail with the ice crunching under my hiking boots. With the winter sun and the brisk walk, it soon warmed up.” Elizabeth, Oregon.

“I like the night walks around Christmas time, where a person can walk through the lights and all. The cold crisp air and some good company makes these fun. Then, of course, cocoa at the end!” Cheryl, another cocoa fan, Washington

“My favorite winter walk is Williamsburg, Virginia–even in the snow it is safe and the whole area takes on extra magic with lights, crescents, candles and exquisite natural decorations. A true jewel in the winter walking tradition.” Susan

“I love it when it is crisp, clear and cold. Feels invigorating and energizing. I like to walk in Forest Park, Portland, Oregon the Marquam Shelter Trail and in the Columbia River Gorge.” Charlie, Oregon

“I love the cold air on my face – it’s exhilarating. My favorite part of walking in the wintertime is finishing with a hot chocolate or coffee and enjoying getting warm again.” Jan, Washington

“When I lived in New Jersey, I used to enjoy walking along the Delaware and Raritan Canal in the snow. When you get away from civilization, the woods is very quiet while it is snowing. It brings to mind poems by Robert Frost. Now, the best I can do is walk around suburban streets in the snow, unless I decide to buy a four wheel drive vehicle some day. Also, on clear winter nights the stars are magnificent. With a bright blanket of snow on the ground, it can even be fairly easy to see your way around for hiking at night. I own an expeditionary parka and snow pants that I use for winter star gazing. (I look at least a hundred pounds heavier with that much clothing on.)” John Also: >> Cold Weather Walking Tips | What to Wear | Readers’ Choices for Winter Walking Clothing | Safety and Alternatives


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